2022 APS March Meeting Participants

QISE-NET posters presented

These PhD candidate members of the QISE-NET are presenting posters at the Sunday, March 13 Educational Open House in the Prairie Conference Center in McCormick West

Listing information as of March 6, 2022
Name Institution Poster Title:
Jeremy Amdur Massachusetts Institute of Technology Title to Come
Karthik Vijay Annur Myilswamy Purdue Randomized Tomography of On-Chip Biphoton Frequency Combs
Evan Cobb University of California, San Diego Microwave Impedance Microscopy for Spatial Characterization of 2D Materials
David Curie Vanderbilt University Correlative microscopies of vacancy emission in hBN
Christina Daniel Georgetown University Leveraging Quantum Computation to Calculate Molecular Properties with a Dynamical Self-Energy Mapping (DSEM)
Brian Doolittle University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Variational Optimization of Quantum Communication Networks
Emery Doucet University of Massachusetts Lowell Title to Come
Alexander Droster University of California, Berkeley Title to Come
Sumita Ghosh Yale University A Statistical Search for Dark Photons using HAYSTAC
Jonah Glick Northwestern University A Tunable, High Power Interferometer Beam with Reduced Pointing Fluctuations and Wavefront Aberrations for 100-Meter Baseline Atom Interferometry (MAGIS-100)
Rishikesh Gokhale Stony Brook University Developments of Free space quantum communication channel
Andrew Goldschmidt University of Washington Model predictive control for robust quantum state preparation
Rianna Greer  MIT Tuning optical addressability in S+1 molecular electronic spin qubits
Joel Howard Colorado School of Mines Speeding up two-qubit quantum gates via higher connectivity on a superconducting qubit platform
Mohannad Ibrahim North Carolina State University Pulse-Efficient Parameterized Quantum Circuits for Variational Quantum Algorithms
Gushu Li University of California, Santa Barbara Paulihedral: A Generalized Block-Wise Compiler Optimization Framework For Quantum Simulation Kernels
Linsen Li MIT Scalable quantum information processing architecture using a programmable array of spin-photon interfaces
Chuanhong Liu University of Wisconsin Madison Single Flux Quantum-Based Superconducting Qubit Control and Quasiparticle Mitigation
Jin-Peng Liu University of Maryland quantum simulation of real-space dynamics
Yunchao Liu UC Berkeley Benchmarking near-term quantum computers via random circuit sampling
Swarnadeep Majumder Duke University Characterizing and mitigating errors in variational algorithms
John Marceaux UC Berkeley Online Estimation of Quantum Errors
Anthony Polloreno University of Colorado, Boulder Title to Come
David Rower MIT Direct Detection of Surface Spins using Superconducting Qubits
Ryan Shaffer UC Berkeley Surrogate-based optimization for variational quantum algorithms
Abigail Shearrow University of Wisconsin – Madison Charge Parity Qubit Protected Against Local Noise
Kai Shinbrough University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Engineering Phonon-Sideband Emission at Room Temperature
Abhishek Bharatbhai Solanki Purdue University In-situ quantum sensing in van der waals magnetic heterostructures
Shi-Ning Sun Caltech

Quantum Computation of Frequency-Domain Green’s Functions Using Multi-Controlled Gates

Hao Tian Purdue University Magnetic-free Nitride Optical isolator on chip
Matthew van Niekerk Rochester Institute of Technology Cutting Holes In Chips To Improve Optical Performance
Daochen Wang University of Maryland Quantum Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning with a Generative Model
Tristan Wilkinson West Virginia University All-on-chip Nanophotonic Devices Coupling to Multiple Polarizations of Single Quantum Emitters
Pheona Williams Harvard University Exploring the Virtually 2D Nature of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides through Bulk Intercalation and the Creation of Superlattices
Ellis Wilson North Carolina State University Building A Constraint Based Domain Specific Language for Quantum Computers: NchooseK
Danielle Woods University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Towards Raman Cooling in Erbium Doped Microresonators
Yuan Zhan University of Colorado Boulder Loss-tolerant photonic cluster state generation for one-way quantum repeaters