Chicago Quantum Exchange at the Institute for Molecular Engineering

Welcome to QISE-NET!

The Quantum Leap Big Idea was formulated as a cross-NSF activity focused on advancing the development of quantum technologies. The “Triplets” approach is one of the activities funded under the Quantum Leap umbrella. This network is about development of a cohort of triplets, with each triplet comprising 1) University PI, 2) Industrial Partner or National Laboratory and 3) Graduate Student, working together over a period of three years. All triplets will form a Quantum Information Science and Engineering Network (QISE – NET) which, guided by an Advisory Board, will organize the triplet selection process, and consecutive report-out meetings. This novel approach to integrating research, education and technology transfer is highly convergent and cross-cutting in nature, expected to include representative triplets from Materials Science, Chemistry, Device Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, and Industrial Research.

PRIMARY MOTIVATION for this initiative is the missing pipeline: the U.S. is currently not educating sufficient numbers of students with the knowledge, understanding and expertise in multiple convergent fields serving the second quantum revolution. The secondary motivation arises from the need to increase convergent academia-industry and academia-national laboratory interactions to advance the technological goals of the quantum leap initiative by cross-sector sharing and leveraging of facilities, expertise, and scientific and technical challenges. This network of triplets will provide a unique, critically-needed student experience in Quantum Science. Students are the primary recipients of support, working within a focused academic-industry and academia-national laboratory collaboration which includes thesis development, specific research goals, extended visits at the industrial partner’s site, and network – level mentoring opportunities.  QISE-NET students will receive stipends to facilitate their participation within the network.

THE RESEARCH COMPONENT originates from each of the participating triplets, with proposals to be submitted to QISE-NET. Proposals will be collected through an open, web-based mechanism via this website. The selection process follows, to identify the proposals most likely to create conditions for successful collaboration within the triplet and integration within the network of triplets in pursuit of the Quantum Leap goals.

THE SELECTION PROCESS requires a short, 2 page focused proposal submitted by each triplet through the program website. This opportunity is also announced through a broad electronic distribution, through academic and professional society organizations, as well as corporate networks.

A letter of recommendation for the student from the faculty advisor and a letter of commitment to the project and student from the company or national lab mentor will be required, and proposals will be evaluated by the Advisory Board, with a goal of identifying proposals which:

i. Represent exciting, leading-edge, trail-blazing research topics in QISE with potential for growth and follow-on work between the student, company or national laboratory and academic groups.
ii. Demonstrate strong alignment between the activities of the academic group and the industrial or national laboratory group, and that evidence commitment to strong two-way interactions between the academic and industrial or national laboratory groups.
iii. Develop projects that have a clear point of contact on the industry/national laboratory side who will take responsibility for the student mentorship, with a well-planned student internship at the company/national laboratory.